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What to Consider for Fall Photos and fall photoshoot.

Family Fall Photo Shoot in Larz Anderson Park

For any one considering fall photos, getting ready fall photoshoot might be overwhelming. They might seems to be a lot of preparation that goes into foliage photo shoot. However it’s just a matter of knowing the details. I am going to provide the details that will make this fall photos preparation being much easy:


The best way to know the best time is to follow the local websites that normally shows the pick period of foliage or if you have a particular place you know that might also be on option and use your previous experience. Over the years I have gained experience to know the places to have nice foliage photos and so feel free to drop me an email for some places to consider.

What to wear

Always consider what to wear based on the foliage colors, you need to where colors that blends well in to the foliage. If the foliage is yellow, obvious you would need to consider colors that blends with yellow and same applies to reds.

The photographer

This is critical you need to look for a photographer who has experience with fall photos and who will be able to bring your fall images ideas to live. Always ask the photographer their experience with fall sessions or areas.

Professional Photographer

We’re experts at taking the cleanest professional headshots that allow your individuality to shine through.