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Trust in Dedicated Family Photographers to Elevate Your Precious Moments into Masterpiece Portraits for Your Home.

Seek more than just a ‘Family Photographer Near Me’. For a portrait that resonates with the soul of your home, choose expertise, passion, and a touch that understands the essence of family.

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With our expertise, craft a family portrait that resonates deeper than words, echoing the unique story and warmth of your family

Every corner of your home whispers tales of love, joy, and togetherness. Why not amplify those whispers into stories that resonate? Our gift isn’t just photography—it’s crafting narratives, intricately woven with the threads of your family’s unique journey. Every laughter, every subtle connection, every warm embrace is transformed into timeless Family Portrait, articulating the profound bonds you cherish.

Photos buried in digital devices are fleeting moments, often forgotten. But a portrait prominently displayed in your home? It’s more than a visual treat—it’s a tangible piece of emotion. A daily beacon of the moments that have shaped your life. Every glance at it immerses you in memories of love, laughter, and priceless moments shared.

These Family Portraits are more than art; they are legacies, rich in sentiment and history. While digital memories may become obsolete, these tangible mementos will be treasured, shared, and celebrated by generations to come.


"Let every space in your home resonate with cherished memories and the bonds that define you"

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Discover Real Stories from Our Happy Families!

Dive into authentic testimonials and heartwarming tales from clients who’ve chosen us to capture their family’s magical moments. Don’t just take our word for it – hear directly from families who’ve been transformed by the power of our portraits!

🔍 Explore the experiences and see why so many trust us with their most treasured memories! 📸

Family Photographer Newton

Family Photographer Wellesley

Family Photographer Weston

Family Photographer Needham


Even if you’re beyond the regions we typically serve, or if ‘Famili Photography’ doesn’t pop up in your ‘Family Photographer Near Me’ search, remember we’re just a heartfelt call away. Reach out to us and we’ll ensure your cherished family moments are captured beautifully.”

Imagine The Joy A Perfect Family Portrait Can Bring Into Your Home Every Day.

Here's how we make it happen:

Our heart is set on understanding and capturing your family’s essence. Before we click a single photo, we’ll connect with you over the phone, ensuring we bring your vision to life.


2. A Memorable Family Photoshoot and Viewing Experience

Family Photography

Relish in authentic family moments—whether it’s in our studio, your cherished home, or a favorite family spot. It’s not just about posing; it’s about playing, laughing, and connecting. Then, relive the magic as you view your photos on an 85-inch 8K TV. It’s more than just a viewing — it’s a cinematic celebration of your family’s story.


3. Curated with Care: From Design to Your Doorstep (Ordering, Design and Delivery)

Family Portraits

Your family’s story is unique, and your portraits should reflect that. Together, we’ll co-create custom pieces that resonate with what matters most to YOU. And with a swift turnaround of just two weeks at most, your walls will soon radiate with the love and memories encapsulated in our portraits and albums. Every glance will be a reminder of the bonds you cherish and the moments you’ve shared.


Exclusive Family Photography Packages & Pricing Guide

Capture Timeless Moments:

Each second with family weaves the fabric of our memories, invaluable moments yearning to be eternally preserved. Our family photography  sessions go beyond simple snaps; they are reunions of joy, laughter, and shared tales. A canvas of love.

This isn’t merely a family photography  session. It’s an investment in preserving cherished narratives, ensuring they resonate through the ages, evolving into beloved family heirlooms.

In our digital world, tangible keepsakes gain unparalleled importance. While digital memories might wane, our family portraits endure as timeless relics, bridging generations with every glance.

Studio family portraits

STUDIO Experience

Unforgettable Family Studio Moments: Expertly Crafted with Stunning Backdrops!
$ 299 Per Session
  • Family Studio Experience: Dive into a captivating photography journey set against a diverse range of backdrops, each carefully chosen to showcase your family's unique bond and story.
  • 📸 Session Experience: Enjoy 45-75 mins, with an instant climatic photo reveal.
  • Includes 4 Digital Assets  with print rights.
  • 🖼Wall Art Albums & Prints: For those wanting a tangible touch, prints, albums, and wall art are available for purchase separately.

SCENIC Experience

Experience the Magic of Moments Captured Just For You.
$ 349 Per Session
  • 🌳 Customized Outdoors: Tailored locations for your family's unique story, we scout locations that resonate with your story.m
  • 📸 Session Experience: Enjoy 30-90 mins, with an instant climatic photo reveal.
  • Includes 4 Digital Assets  with print rights.
  • 🖼 Wall Art Albums & Prints: For those wanting a tangible touch, prints, albums, and wall art are available for purchase separately.
Family Portraits in your home

HOME Experience

Homebound Memories: Crafting Family Moments in Cherished Space.
$ 399 Per Session
  • 🏡 Cherished Moments in Familiar Spaces: Experience the magic of photography right in your own home, be it your cozy living room or vibrant backyard. Revel in the intimacy of cherished spaces and create lasting memories together as a family.
  • 📸 Session Experience: Enjoy 30-90 mins, with an instant climatic photo reveal. 
  • Includes 4 Digital Assets  with print rights.
  • 🖼 Wall Art Albums & Prints: For those wanting a tangible touch, prints, albums, and wall art are available for purchase separately.



Hello, I’m Christine — not just a professional family photographer, but a mother, a daughter, and a wife. Like you, I wear the many hats of family life, cherishing each role and the deep connections they bring.

Understanding the whims and moods of children comes naturally to me. I’ve been there, seen the spontaneous joys and occasional tantrums. Yet, it’s through this shared experience that I can approach each shoot with genuine patience and empathy. With me, you’ll get authentic smiles, not just ‘say cheese’ moments.

Drawing from both my personal and professional journeys, my goal is to create timeless family portraits for you — pieces that resonate with your family’s unique story. Let’s craft memories you can cherish every single day, right in your own home.

The Heart Behind Every Click at Famili Photography

The Heart Behind Every Click at Famili Photography

In the ever-changing tapestry of life, one thing remains constant: the deep-rooted love of family. It’s a love that’s pure, unyielding, and profoundly fulfilling.

At Famili Photography, we don’t just capture photos; we encapsulate moments. Moments that speak of the laughter, the tears, the growth, and the countless memories families create together. We understand the immense value of these timeless moments, and it’s our passion to immortalize them for you.

Over the years, thousands have entrusted us with their family stories. And in return, we’ve provided them with portraits that serve as daily reminders of love and connection.

So even if a quick online search for photographers near me doesn’t lead you directly to us, remember that the heart and soul of family photography resides here at Famili Photography. Ready to create lasting memories?

FOR $249.99.

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, there’s no better time to capture the beauty of the season than now. We’re excited to announce our exclusive Fall Special Sessions!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A professional 30 mins photoshoot amidst the gorgeous autumn backdrop.
  • Personalized session planning to create the perfect fall aesthetic.
  • 4 High-resolution digital images with stunning post-production edits.
  • Quick turnaround time so you can share your fall memories without delay.
  • A unique and memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime.

We’ll also gift you 25 premium-quality, enveloped holiday cards – completely FREE. This is the perfect way to send your warm wishes and joyful memories to family and friends.

Spots are limited, and the golden hues of fall won’t last forever. Book your session today and immortalize this season’s beauty with breathtaking photographs.

So it’s time to act now! Don’t put it off any longer.

“You will never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow, they will be a little older than they were today. This day is a gift. Just breathe, notice, study their faces and little feet. Pay attention. Relish the charms of the present. Enjoy today. It will be over before you know it.”– Jen Hatmaker

Choosing the Right Family Photographer: A Journey Beyond Just Search of FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER NEAR ME

When you type in ‘FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER NEAR ME’, you’re not just looking for a service, but for someone to capture the essence, warmth, and love of your family. As you sift through results, here are some heartfelt considerations:

  1. Shared Stories: Do they have online reviews? This is more than just ratings; it’s personal stories from families like yours, showcasing the photographer’s trustworthiness and expertise.

  2. Focused Passion: Do they specialize in family portraits? It’s about understanding the nuances, the fleeting moments, and the eternal bonds of families.

  3. A Welcoming Space: Does the photographer have a studio? A dedicated space often speaks volumes about their commitment to the craft.

Ready to delve deeper? Let’s connect and let’s find the perfect way to capture your family’s essence.”


A family portrait is a photograph that captures the likeness of a family, usually including the parents and children. Each family is uniques and it’s those uniqueness that really define family portrait. As an experienced professional family photographer, that why we spend time resources, time and knowledge to capture and show the true identity of your family

The cost of a family portrait depends on the size of the portrait,  Generally, our  large family portrait can range from $500. We consider large portraits as a portrait with size starting at 16x20Inch

Family Portrait

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